it walks on every street

and seems to weave

into the lips of everything

speaking in tongues of “do they like me”

finding purpose in the purpose of others

when others are doing the exact same commodity

we are together in the loneliness of the interstice we feel

we try to resolve it by becoming caustic

telling ourselves to be ourselves but forging for anyone’s customization

enticed by the facade and swaddled with judgment

we vaporize our very own fortification


how do we fight a society that tells us to embrace the core of who you are but then demolishes the very part of us that allows us to do so? how do we love without judgment and with justice instead? how do we give up the empty search for ourselves in others and just be OURSELVES? we all seem to want that. we don’t want acceptance for someone we are pretending to be, we want acceptance for who we ARE, we just don’t think others will accept the differences. put a limit to this affirmation, not to go against society but to be free of that casket we put ourselves in doing this. imagine all the wonderful things people have to share, the minds that could invent things, the ideas that are silenced. dance on that washing machine, tell that stranger they have a dandy smile, embarrass yourself! there shouldn’t be anything to be embarrassed about.

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