natural selection

The essence of music so loud it’s like it’s the beat of your own heart, and in a way it is. it seems to be keeping you alive in that moment. in that two or three hours you forget about what it is to grow up. you forget about anything bad or anything sour, it’s […]

vanquishing sea salt

as i lay within the sea salt waves every atom of myself and it interlaced i remember once they looked my age at seventeen in feet. to what i defined the dark blue habitation to creatures with teeth. but now i submerge myself underneath the rhythm of the crash that has begun to soothe me. […]


i get stuck thinking there are microscopic pieces of me in places i haven’t been, and in things i don’t have. like there are particles of me i’m looking for, in the form of dust floating aimlessly ahead of me somewhere. the sparks i feel trick me into thinking i need something tangible to be […]

old love

where old love grows take me there even when the shadows cover up the vibrancy of the burning passion i’ll still know it’s there i’ll leave it to rest and water it until the morning sunlight hits it once again -like the sun, inspiration and passion come and go- -this does not mean we shut […]


recently, i had the opportunity to join some friends in a yoga class at hours before the sun rose, and one thing the instructor said stood out to me. “nothing left to do, nothing more to be.” it got me wondering how easily it is to get caught up in our tasks, our lives, even […]



validation. it walks on every street and seems to weave into the lips of everything speaking in tongues of “do they like me” finding purpose in the purpose of others when others are doing the exact same commodity we are together in the loneliness of the interstice we feel we try to resolve it by […]

coffee and conversation

sometimes i sit in coffee shops and listen to those around me. couples, friends and family gather together to chat, while sipping slowly on their warm cups filled with refreshments. there’s a mix of conversation here, some which beam laughter and joy with their encouraging words and uplifting subjects. they light up the corner that […]