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Humanity Within

February 4, 2019

This isn’t the most pleasant of photos. This isn’t a perfect image of me posing well or looking my best. This is me after crying for ten minutes. This is a real, raw, version of me that for some reason I felt safe to share on this blog that maybe three people read. I can’t […]

time is but a sweet memory

January 10, 2019

Here’s a little poem that one day might become a song. It’s about my best friend and I escaping to Florida from the cold, very (VERY) last minute. I remembered our time in Florida when we got home and it felt like it was a dream, so fleeting and friendly, SO fleeting I almost missed […]

Slow Dancing with Love

November 15, 2018

Before I begin to let my mind loose on you, I must admit I’m a bit intimidated about this subject- The painful, longing, desperate craving for a romantic relationship when you’re not necessarily ready for one. Warning: Marija was hurt in the making of this new perspective. Proceed at your own risk.  I grew up […]